Angry birds alas aviertas

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Joel Fulleda

new bird similar to red

angel bird is the first character with open wings in the game you must release character by character this bird his angel gurdian must rescue them 1 by one as explained above

story angry birds avian wings is the first game in which the characters show their wings the story is based on the guardian angel of the birds who must rescue them from the pigs that previously captured them with the help of the great boar that joined the forces of king pig after giving him a great offering, angel (name of the bird) destroys the big boar and the birds are free except for one thing, where are their eggs? find out in angry birds avian wings


angel: all levels

network: levels 4-1 final level

chuck: levels 8-2 final level

bomb: levels 6-3 final level

matilda: levels 1-4 final level

the blues: levels 5-5 final level

terence: levels 4-6 final level

blue and white: (new bird): levels 5-7 final level

boomerang: levels 2-8 final level

orange bird: levels 7-9 final level

pink bird: levels 5-10 final level

(none of the birds have wings until the final level)

(except angel who uses wings at all levels)

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