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angry birds 3 is for pc, mac, apple, android, wii, wii U, 3DS, psp, ps3, ps vita, ps4, xbox360 and xboxONE released from September 20, 2013


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there are 15 episodes.

red still has his feathers, the blues are now 6, chuck now destroys stone, bomb is now stronger than terence, matilda takes out a golden egg (stronger), hal now destroys pieda and still returns, terence is iso bigger than your version space. It is blue in color and destroys everything to the environment and wooden platforms less rubber, orange became bigger and breaks the ice and wood better but not stone, it only lifts it or pushes the stone, Stella discovered an unbreakable bubble and ice has just arrived bird from space freezing all the grass.


slub is a new purple bird that has an irregular shape that rolls and bounces everywhere destroying everything in its path except environment, wooden and rubber platforms 


The pigs are the same as 1 but: chef pig appears, fat pig appears bigger than before, the 3-eyed pig appears and some levels are similar to the "egg-defender" mode of 1, now you have to defend the 3 eggs no 1

and the zombie pigs appear in the episode: `` is a bad day '' (the egg defender modes will be marked by an egg (instead of a square with the level is an egg with the level) and a metal pig arrived that It is almost indestructible, find its side without metal and hit it there with a net 


  1. flying pigs (3 normal chapters and an extra one of egg defender with only flying pigs) (king pig boss)
  2. migthy tales (4 normal chapters without egg defender. you are supposed to play within one of the mighty eagle stories (playing level 1 unlocks migthy eagle infinitely and can be used in flying pigs and other episodes).) (boss king pig)
  3. cannon birds (3 chapters without egg defender) (boss mustache pig)
  4. is a bad day (4 chapters plus one of 10 additional levels liking the facebook of angry birds 3. with egg defender < >) (fat pig zombie boss)
  5.  the rock rules !!!! (2 chapters with 1 more of egg-defender and with 15 levels of facebook) (it's all rock !!!!!!) (king pig boss with a rock machine that rocks every 10 seconds and with his rocking he drives away the angry Birds)
  6. bad cokking (3 chapters without egg-defender) (chief chef pig with a machine kneading with a uslero the angry birds are thrown and if he hits them the uslero will be crushed)
  7. a co ... co ... cold day (5 winter chapters without egg-defender with 20 additional facebook levels) (the arrival of ice bird) (king pig boss) 
  8. metal pigs (1 episode with 1 by egg-defender) (pigs are made of metal !!!!!!! in this episode) (fat pig boss)
  9. a space battle (2 chapters in space with 1 egg-defender) (only change the design of the birds ... but not the birds) (3-eyed pig boss without ship)
  10. the BIG race (3 racing chapters without egg-defender) (boss nobody)
  11. The little setup (4 chapters with only the blues, orange and stella) (boss nobody the last level leaves the cages of the Angry Birds. Hit it to free them)
  12. A star wars II battle (2 chapters one with the birds and one with the pigs as Angry Birds star wars II) (2 bosses one in the chapter of the birds (darth vader) and one in the one of the pigs (terence))
  13.  A urban batttlle (5 chapters in urban style) (boss nobody) 
  14. Birdday party II (1 chapter so far in honor of Angry Birds' 4th birthday) (boss nobody)
  15. Badd party (1 episode so far of Bad piggies' 1st birthday with egg-defender) (boss nobody)

16. golden eggs (the wonderful golden eggs return in this Version)


  1. telepods: you can put any character in the game but there are new characters that you never saw in telepods: ice bird, migthy eagle (it can only be used when the one in the game is recharging) and slub
  2. king sling
  3. sling purpose
  4. super seeds
  5. birdquake
  6. interbird: the angry bird falls off the wave while a silver egg falls from the sky (like a clone bird) and the bird you want to throw in the sling comes out of the sky and you throw it
  7. clone bird
  8. mighty eagle
  9. super seeds x infinite: you write the number of super seeds (you can't with 1 because it would only be super seeds tabletop with 1000 or 100 max:30)
  10. (Upgrade)  shockwave: at any level (except egg-defenders) you can place bomb with shockwave, do you need an extra bird ??? You can place a bomb with built-in shockwave 


1. episode 16: the like likes the like (1 chapter so far without egg-defender and 8 additional ones for liking angry birds 1) (episode in honor of the 25 million likes on facebook (1)) plus the appearance from aqua bird (it is a bird that transforms into any angry bird you choose)

2. episode 17: bath time !! (2 chapters with water to bathe with ducklings, quack !!) (here the aqua bird comes out a lot)

3. episode 18: wingman vs the porkador (3 chapters and 1 of egg-defender) returns the tournament of wingman vs the porkador but now with an episode. but now terence has a power to double (wingman x2) with the same size.

4. episode 19: egg-BOMBender (2 episodes of egg defender only with bomb, but ... you wouldn't think that it was only exploding, right ?? (no answer). Obviously not! That's why we give some bombs shockwave! but the bomb will meet your needs (I do not mean the needs of the bathroom) if there is a cart made of rubber a bomb will come out with shockwave!


The achievements will be classified by episode and they are not only for apples but for everyone included in the same game

flying pigs:

1. the start of a new adventure.

complete level 1-1 (flying pigs)

2. is a new history

play level 2-1 level (flying pigs) destruction .

Get 50.000 points in flying pigs (not in all chapters but in total)

4.true total destruction .

Get 3 stars on all levels.

5.migthy destruction I.

Get 100% of the high score of migthy eagle in all levels (flying pigs)

6.power-up master I.

occupies 1 of each power-up (power-up not bird power-up) in this episode 

7.egg completed.

complete all levels of egg defender (flying pigs)

8.egg starred

complete all levels with 3 stars (flying pigs)

9.boss popper 

derrota a king pig en flying pigs

mighty tales:

1.mighty eagle unloked

Complete Level 1-1 (Mighty Tales)

2.the history continues...

play level 2-1 (migthy tales) destruction of the tale.

get 50.000 points in migthy tales (not in all chapters only in mighty tales)

4.true total destruction of the tale. 

Get 3 stars on all levels of Mighty Tales

5.migthy destruction of the tale.

Get 100% of the mighty eagle's high score on all levels of migthy tales

6.power-up master II.

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in edition ...

initial story

In edition ...



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