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Angry Birds 100 anniversary It is the worldwide celebration of the centenary of the Angry Birds that includes all the birds, special episodes, movies, a game, a parade, a worldwide sale of products and a television channel.


By 2109, there will be Angry Birds theme parks in every country in the world, and in the parks there will be a giant forum with a movie screen, a giant shopping center, various games and plays.


  1. At 12:00 am on December 11, the Canal Bird channel will air worldwide.
  2. At 6:00 am the forums of theme parks around the world will open.
  3. At 8:00 am, the special episodes of the most watched series of other networks will begin to air.
  4. At 9:00 am the plays begin.
  5. At 10:00 am, the trailers of the special films will begin to be shown.
  6. At 12:00 pm the Angry Birds Centenary game opens.
  7. At 1:00 pm the annual Angry Birds parades begin around the world.
  8. At 2:00 pm the movie Terence and Nonny: Travel of the Time opens.
  9. At 4:00 pm the parades end.
  10. At 5:00 pm the special 2-hour play begins.
  11. At 7:00 pm the special 2-hour play ends.
  12. At 8:00 pm the special episode of Angry Birds Toons Pig Revelation premieres
  13. At 9:00 pm the other special episodes of the other Angry Birds series will be released.
  14. At 10:00 pm the film Angry Birds 10: 100 years and go beyond opens.
  15. At 12:00 am is the great world closing.
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