Anakin Skywalker

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Anakin Skywalker
  • Boys
  • Padawan
  • Sith
  • Before die

First apparition Death Star, Nivel 25
Power He has a motorcycle that goes where you indicate (Episode I), uses his lightsaber (Episode II) and Attract things and then throw them (Episode III and as Vader).
Gender Male
Size Middle
Scope Great

Anakin Skywalker He is one of the characters in the Star Wars series, as an antagonist in Angry Birds Star Wars and one of the main characters in Angry Birds Star Wars II (With the exception of Episode III where he was antagonist as an Apprentice from the Gorrino Side). He was Padmé's husband and father to Luke and Princess Leia.


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  • 2 Relationship with Luke
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Secret identity

In an image from Angry Birds Star Wars II it is shown that Anakin Skywalker is Darth Vader, as shown in the game Anakin Skywalker Episode III appears as a bird from the Porcine Side of the Force, only without the suit (when he was Darth Vader) and injuries after the duel at Mustafar.

Darth Vader es Anakin

Relationship with Luke

During Angry Birds Star Wars, Obi Wan told Luke that Darth Vader murdered his father. Later in the episode Cloud City while Luke and Vader fight, Vader reveals to him he is his father.

In the last episode Death Star II Vader helps his son save him from the force rays of Emperor Palpatine, being Anakin's return to the light side before dying and becoming a force ghost.


He has had many fights:

  • with Obi Wan Kenobi.
  • with Emperor Palpatine.
  • with Count Dooku.
  • con Luke Skywalker.
  • con Zam Wesell.

Angry Birds Star Wars

In Angry Birds Star Wars we can see that at level 25 Death Star can lift blocks and if you hit it, it releases it. At level 30 of Death Star 2 it is playable and unlimited.

Angry Birds Star Wars II

In Angry Birds Star Wars II in Episode I he with his podracer can go to a certain point and hit certain structures with his Podracer (like Biker Scout), in Episode II he can make a maneuver with the lightsaber that destroys blocks ( as Qui Gon Jinn and Luke Pilot), in Episode III he can do the same as Darth Vader (attract nearby elements and push them).


  • Its permanent cost increases by almost 1000 Birdcoins.
  • He is the Star Wars character with the most counterparts, with a total of six counterparts. Below are all:
    • Episode I
    • Episode II
    • Episode III
    • Darth Vader
    • Before die
    • Phantom of the force
  • In Episode II the inside of his Jedi robe was brown. But in episode III his suit was completely black.
    • This is because in the movies he went from Padawan to Jedi Knight.

Episode I

Anakin Skywalker was totally a child. With his help, the Avian Republic managed to repair the ship when it defeated Sebulba in the race on Tatooine.

At first, the Jedi Council thought the boy was dangerous. But with the promise he became friends with Qui Gon Jinn, Obi Wan Kenobi, among others.


In turn he resembles a pilot. He wears a helmet and glasses (Pilot's Set) that look somewhat damaged. He also wears a light brown suit, which resembles sand. Also the eyebrows undergo changes, which look like gold.

Gameplay and power

Due to his podracer, Anakin will be able to reach difficult structures as a Biker Scout.

How to use

It will have to be pressed where the player thinks they will earn the three stars as a reward. But due to its cheap price, it can hinder the level. If you want to knock down two or more structures, you will have to press a little further where the player wants. Or else the ship will be destroyed, causing his corpse.

Curiosities (Episode I)

  • In his corpse it seems that he is crying.
  • In his corpse the glasses do not break. This is rare, since in real life, glass breaks easily.
  • Like Darth Maul, he appears in the Telepods menu.
  • In the demo it appears in the menu "ACTIVATE FULL GAME" (translated as ACTIVATE THE FULL GAME!)

Episode II

10 years later, Anakin Skywalker returns playable, but with a more logical power.


Anakin's appearance changed enormously, obviously due to age.

He wears a black suit (similar to Luke Jedi) with a belt. Further inside, you can see a kind of dark brown suit. He also carries a lightsaber (in store animations). The eyebrows are no longer as golden as they used to be, and she has hair with a braid.

Gameplay and power

NOTE: His power is the same as Qui Gon Jinn's. So it is not necessary to get these characters at the same time.

From the obvious newly named saber, he achieves a remarkably different power than the previous pod power.

How to use

All it does is a skysaber sample making an obtuse angle (150 degrees or so) (similar to a full fan).

Curiosities (Episode II)

  • On mobile phones, when Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is played for the first time, a box will appear that says "Placing resources ..." where he appears, trying to activate his saber. Makes a certain resemblance to the loading bars in some games.
  • When used, the saber comes out from behind (as do many characters). So you probably have it in the back.

Episode III

Come back again, but things are not getting very good this time ...


Anakin now has few changes, but they are noticeable.

Now her hair is more disheveled, her braid is gone, and it's even darker than before. Around the eyebrows there is a kind of scar. His eyes are now orange, but the pupils are still black. The inside of his suit is now black, like the rest of the suit.

Gameplay and power

It's the same as Darth Vader's.

How to use

In the air, you have to squeeze the screen where it is, there it will push the closest objects as far as possible.

Curiosities (Episode III)

  • It is the only bird that joins the Gorrino Side (yet).
  • Sometimes his scar crossed his eye, other times it was short, and other times it was far from his eye (it means that it has different textures).
  • Interestingly, in the final cutscene (when he fell into the lava by Obi Wan Kenobi) his eyes remained open the entire time. Even when Darth Sidious pulled him out of the lava.
  • Se parece a Luke Jedi.
  • In the image of the episode Swine Revenge he had a second hair on top. However, that hair remained absent throughout the game.
    • Also, the two hairs were longer.
  • In the image of the episode The Swine Revenge he had a red saber, something that he did not get until he was Darth Vader.
  • It's funny that his feathers are like Terence's.

Look also

  • Darth Vader
  • Padmé Amidala
  • Luke Skywalker
  • La Princesa Leia
  • The Gorrino Side
  • The Avian Republic

As a Force ghost alongside Obi Wan and Yoda

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