All That Glitters

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All That Glitters is the sixth episode of the first season of the Angry Birds Stella series.


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Description of Toons.TV

Gale and the handsome pig stumble upon a mysterious hole in the ground. When the pigs are too cowardly to investigate, Gale takes matters into his own hands. You cannot trust those pigs for anything!


A creature wanders through the forest, when suddenly it is chased away by the Handsome Pig, who leads the other little pigs that carry Gale's chair, and another carries a rope. Gale brings him his book on the Golden Egg, and begins to read it, but abruptly shoots out of his chair and falls, due to the piglets having jumped a log. Handsome Pig worries about her, and Gale scolds the other piggies for making fun. The Handsome Pig shows Gale a well he found in the middle of the road, and seeing it in the book, he gets excited and quickly runs towards it. Call the pigs to check the depth of the well, and one of them throws a small rock into the well, which takes time to fall to the bottom. This scares the piglets, who run away from the hole. Then he asks the Handsome Pig to go down to the bottom of the well, and this despite being afraid, accepts, so he ties the reel of rope, and prepares, but faints due to being afraid. Then Gale, annoyed, ties the rope and lowers herself down the well, but the rope runs out, and Gale hits a hard hit with the bottom ground, because the rope had run out, apparently being trapped there.

When he gets up, Gale notices the entrance of a tunnel at the bottom of the well, and the pigs on the surface, uselessly throw a small ladder so that it can climb, but when he falls he hits Gale in the head and breaks, while the Pig Handsome continues crying uncontrollably, and in that he sees Stella flying on a hang glider. While the Handsome Pig seeks help, at the bottom of the well Gale explores the tunnel (which is illuminated by fluorescent mushrooms), and at the bottom of said tunnel, he finds the Golden Egg but only a representation, so he is upset, but he quickly finds an emerald encrusted in stone, among some vines, for which he is excited.

Meanwhile, on the beach, Stella, Luca and Poppy are playing volleyball (Luca being the ball), when they are interrupted by the Handsome Pig, who asks them for their help to rescue Gale. At the bottom of the tunnel, Gale continues trying to remove the emerald, and succeeds, but immediately from the ruins that begin to break, a skunk appears, which attacks Gale. Upstairs, the Handsome Pig, Stella, Poppy and Luca arrive at the entrance of the well, and there they begin to help. Underground, Gale confronts the skunk, but it sprays its foul scent on him in defense. At the entrance to the well, Stella, Poppy, Luca and the Handsome Pig manage to make a long rope made of various materials. Gale flees from the skunk, and manages to climb the rope until he reaches the surface of the well, where he meets his old friends, but they leave because of the unpleasant smell that the skunk sprayed on Gale. Despite this, the Handsome Pig is happy, however he realizes that Gale is not wearing his crown, and tells him, believing that he stayed in the well. Then Gale, annoyed, pushes the Handsome Pig to the bottom of the well to look for it, but a second later he realizes that he had it hanging on his tail, so he puts it on and leaves happy with his emerald, leaving the Handsome pig trapped in the hole.


  • Gale
  • Handsome Pig
  • Common Pigs
  • Stella
  • poppy
  • Luca


Angry Birds Stella All That Glitters - S1 Ep6


  • This is the first episode in which Willow and Dahlia do not appear.
  • As the episode with the emerald shows, Gale likes gems and shiny objects.
  • The title of the episode is a reference to the phrase "Not all that glitters is gold."
  • It is the first episode in which the Handsome Pig cries.
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